Long Term Program

Enrolling international students for the full academic year allows both American and international students to develop lasting relationships across cultures while bringing diversity and global perspectives to your school community. Through TBI, students can enroll in a one-year public school program or a full time private school program.

Long Term Public School Program

The TBI long term public school program is an opportunity to bring long term exchange students to public schools around the United States. International students pay tuition to the district to study at an American public school on an F-1 visa and students are only allowed to be enrolled for one academic year. During that time, TBI will provide services for students to live with families and develop the tools to be successful in an American high school.

Our current public schools
  • Murrieta Mesa
  • Visa Murrieta High School
  • Henry Foss High School
  • Lake Norman High School
  • Lincoln High School
  • Lincoln High School
  • South Iredell High School
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Long Term Private School Program

For students who wish to continue their education in the United States at an American private school, TBI partners with three organizations to help students apply to schools and continue to support their academic and home life. Both New Oasis and Silicon Valley provide services specially designed to help students face the unique challenges of studying at a competitive private school. Please visit the following websites for more information about their programs and partners schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many schools have you worked with and can I contact one of them?

TBI has worked 60 middle and high schools on short-term programs and 5 different school districts on long term programs. We are happy for you to contact one of our partner schools. Please contact Tower Bridge International for a list of references.

Who is responsible for the students while they are in the United States

All TBI students will live with host families provided by the TBI homestay team while studying in the United States. Host families receive limited power of attorney in case of emergency and our host family team will check in with students and families monthly. All host families also receive training and support through TBI to ensure students are in safe and supportive living situations. In the event of an emergency, TBI staff is on call 24/7.

What does this cost the school?

There is no cost to the public school. International public-school students are required to pay tuition to offset the cost of having a non- US student receiving any state funded services.

How does my school become SEVIS Certified?

To enroll students for a full year in the United States, schools must be certified by the Department of Homeland security. The SEVIS certification process can take 9 to 12 months. If you would like to learn more about the SEVIS certification process visit https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/schools. Not ready to get SEVIS certified? Check out our TBI Short Term Camps .

What happens at the end of their first year?

After a student has completed their allotted year at a public school, Tower Bridge International will help them decide if they would like to continue studying in the United States or return to China to complete their high school education. If the student would like to stay, the TBI admission team will help them transfer to a private school.

Will the students have the necessary immunizations to come to the school?

TBI will work with student and families to ensure that all students have all required immunizations before the school year begins.